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The Noyes Fine Arts Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit community arts organization. Our mission is to bring quality community theatre, music, and fine arts education to the city of Katy.
This is accomplished in many ways...

The Katy Grand Theatre

The Noyes Fine Arts Foundation is committed to building the first community performance center in Katy, TX.

This 300 seat 13,000 sq. ft. performance center will be home to a community theatre, arts education classes, children's choir, and community symphony. The educational programs will feature a variety of classes including acting, opera, instrumentals, musical theatre, lighting and sound, Broadway singing, and dance.

This new community performance center will be designed by an architect here in Houston, and will feature amenities found in many professional theatres, allowing us to produce thrilling, high quality, family friendly, live entertainment.

In order to complete this $3M performance center, we need YOUR help. Please consider supporting the Katy Grand Theatre Project by DONATING TODAY.

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Current Programs

The Noyes Fine Arts Foundation is comitted to fine arts education.

Through its programs, NFAF is able to inspire, educate, and engage the youth in the Katy, Texas area. Our programs serve our community by making available musical, instrumental, and theatrical training and experience.

Future Programs

Once the Katy Grand Theatre construction is complete, the NFAF will be able to implement several programs already in the works. Specifically:

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