About Book Bash

Book Bash brings books from the page to stage by presenting a Books Alive! production performed by professional actors.

General Info

Books Alive!

The Books Alive! writing team is made up of talented actors/directors/writers/musicians and artists who together are credited with adapting 12 books into original musicals which have been performed on over 100 stages to more than 250,000 patrons.

Books Alive! has been touring the Houston area for 10 years, having produced more than 15 musical productions crafted from children's literature. Previous Titles include:

The Ballerina With Webbed Feet
Too Many Frogs
Don't Eat the Bluebonnets
Bawk & Roll
Chicken Big
The Three Nasty Gnarlies
Do Unto Otters
Tacky the Penguin
Boo Hoo Moo
Princess Penelope's Parrot

Book Bash Staff

Kristin Miller, Book Bash Program Manager, has taught theatre and related programming for more than 30 years and managed various arts programs for ArtReach, Katy Visual and Performing Arts Center, Catholic Charities, and Mamie George Community Center. She is the founding visionary of the Book Bash concept and resulting program which has enjoyed over 6 years of success in various incarnations.

Tamara Grisko, Director/Actor/Sound Design/Administrative Support, holds a B.A. in Acting/Directing from NIU, has worked with Books Alive! for 6 years and has worked with many local theatre companies in various capacities over the past 25 years.

Jennifer Rendek, Set/Costume Designer/Actor, holds a B.A. in Acting and is a member of Actors Equity and Screen Actors Guild. She currently works for Cinthia Moore, Inc. as a professional makeup artist.

Susan Salter, Scenic Designer/Director, holds an MFA in Directing from the University of Houston and has more than 30+ years of professional experience in all aspects of theatre including sets, costuming, directing and acting.

Past Productions

Tacky The Penguin

Fall 2016 Book Bash touring production is "TACKY THE PENGUIN" by Helen Lester, adapted to the stage as a one act musical by Books Alive!

Synopsis: Tacky the penguin does not fit in with his sleek and graceful companions, but his “odd” behavior comes in handy when hunters come with maps and traps.

Do Unto Otters

Spring/Summer 2016 Book Bash touring production "DO UNTO OTTERS, A MUSICAL ABOUT MANNERS," by Laurie Keller
Adapted to stage by the Books Alive! writing team.

Synopsis: Mr. Rabbit's new neighbors are otters. OTTERS! But he doesn't know anything about otters. Will they be friends? Will they even get along? Just treat otters the same way you'd like them to treat you, advises Mr. Owl. Follow Mr. Rabbit as he learns how to be a good friend and neighbor.

Boo Hoo Moo

The Fall 2015 Book Bash touring production is "Boo Hoo Moo", by Margie Palatini
Adapted to stage by the Books Alive! writing team.
Music & Lyrics by Phil Pettey.

Synopsis: Hilda Mae Cow wants to be a singer, only she can't carry a tune. Her friends, the jazzy Cat, the pompous Pig & the goofy Goose try to help her by finding a chorus of backup singers to drown out her sour notes. But Hilda Mae decides singing isn't for her and wants to try dancing. And if that doesn't work, she'll just keep trying new things until something sticks. Her friends join in the fun and stand behind her no matter what, because "Life is Like A Buffet."

Princess Penelope's Parrot

The Spring 2015 Book Bash tour offered “Princess Penelope’s Parrot”, book by Helen Lester.

Book Bash performed for more than 7,000 students including audiences at many Title One Schools, TX Children’s Hospital, local homeless shelters, Brookwood Community, libraries, Krause Center, ARC of Katy, elementary schools in KatyISD, LamarISD and HISD, preschools, and other venues throughout the Houston metropolitan area.