Katy Youth Choir

The award-winning Katy Youth Choir (also known as Katy Children's Choir), is devoted to inspire the artist within each child through the power of music, and provide vocal and choral music education of high quality to youth of the Katy area who represent richly diverse racial, economic, and cultural backgrounds. KYC ignites a love of singing and expressing, nurtures each individual's potential for personal excellence in vocal music education, while instilling self-discipline and confidence to last into adulthood.Our highly qualified directors offer meaningful and enriching rehearsals each week, and prepare and choose music and vocal techniques appropriate for each age group. Our KYC children return home from rehearsals and just keep singing! We take pride in expanding the arts in the Katy's homes and the community.

General Information

Registration open:
Early Registration for next semester begins May 5th. Registration will continue into September.

K-2 - Preparatory, mixed boys and girls
Prima Voce - Grades 3-4, mixed boys and girls
Bella Voce - Grades 5-8, mixed boys and girls
Bravi - Grades 9-12, mixed boys and girls

Fall Semester 2016 begins week of 9/12 and extends to 12/9 Friday, Holiday Concert.
Spring Semester 2017 begins week of 1/24 and extends to 5/12 Friday, Spring Concert.

Prima Voce and K-2: Thursdays 4:40-5:40
Bella Voce and Bravi: Mondays 4:30-5:45
St. Peter's United Methodist Church
20775 Kingsland Blvd., Katy, TX 77450


KYC welcomes all youth (boys and girls) in the community who agree to abide by the choir's Participant Handbook and Rehearsal Respect Policies.
For boys who would like to participate, please note that this is a treble choir, and is best suited for boys with unchanged voices.
Katy Youth Choir does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, and ethnic origin.

New Bravi High School Choir

The Brava Choir will be a 9-12 grade boys and girls choir. We will hold an audition for placement that will include vocalization, listening, sight reading and music theory. The sight reading and music theory components will be used to assist in teaching and not to turn anyone away.

The choir will be directed by Larissa Donnelly. She has a Bachelor in Music Education from Michigan State University and a Master of Music Education and conducting from Florida State University. She has worked both in the schools as a junior high and high school choir director, achieving high UIL ratings in Texas as well as other states, and in private children's choirs, including the Virginia Children's Choir, the Los Angeles Children's Chorus and the Katy Children's Choir. She currently holds the position as preschool music teacher at St. Peter's Early Childhood Development Center, where she is using her background in Gordon Music Learning Theory to introduce young children to music.


There will no longer be singing assessments for children grades K-8th.

Auditions are required for High School girls interested in participating in the new Bravi Choir. Audition details will be announced.


Katy Children's Choir, now called Katy Youth Choir to accommodate wider range of ages, was founded in 2012 by Dr. Debbie Siebert, to educate children and youth in the proper way of singing, expose them to rich varieties of music, as well as offer performance opportunities. KYC will not only benefit and add culture to the lives of those who participate, but it will also benefit their families and generations to come. Today more than ever, we are in need of wholesome quality music, and inspirational performance experiences. These influential types of musical experiences change and shape young lives for the better.

Since its formation in 2012, the Katy Children's Choir, now called Katy Youth Choir has performed at numerous local events and community celebrations. KYC also appeared in the community musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, as well as singing the National Anthem at Houston Rockets basketball games. Each year as the choir grows, we are able to inspire and engage more children, uplift listeners, and encourage music education that reaches many children, regardless of their circumstances. All children are accepted for placement in the choir.